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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The degenerate structure of transformation twins and the monocrystallinity of part of the thin-plate martensite initiated by a strong magnetic fieldKashchenko, M. P.; Kashchenko, N. M.; Chashchina, V. G.
2016Promising variants of initiation of martensitic γ–α transformation in iron alloys by a couple of elastic wavesKashchenko, M. P.; Chashchina, V. G.
2008Mechanism of the fcc-bcc martensitic transformation with the fastest transformation of close-packed planes. I. the lattice parameter ratio and habitus planesKashchenko, M. P.; Chashchina, V. G.
2003The lower temperature boundary of the onset of the formation of α-martensite upon cooling in iron-based alloysKashchenko, M. P.; Semenovykh, A. G.; Chashchina, V. G.
2013On the Applicability of the Concept of Control Wave Process to the B2→R Martensitic Transformation in B2 Titanium Nickelide AlloysKashchenko, M. P.; Chashchina, V. G.
2018Effect of Change in the Wavelengths of Short Wave Shifts on the Formation of a Twin Structure Fragment in Thin Lamellar α-Martensite CrystalsKashchenko, M. P.; Kashchenko, N. M.; Chashchina, V. G.
2013Estimation of the effective growth rate of a plate of bainitic ferrite in dynamic theoryKashchenko, M. P.; Chashchina, V. G.
2017Effect of the attenuation of short-wavelength displacements on the formation of transformation twins in α-martensite crystalsKashchenko, M. P.; Chashchina, V. G.
1999Conditions for the generation of crystons and the interpretation of the σ-ε curve for Ni3Fe single crystalsKashchenko, M. P.; Teplyakova, L. A.; Dzhemilev, K. N.; Chashchina, V. G.
2014Strain Tensor Associated with the Driving Wave Process of Deformation of the {110}C Cubic Crystal Planes During Martensitic TransformationKashchenko, M. P.; Chashchina, V. G.