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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Feedback Modelling of Natural Stand and Plantation Biomass to Changes in Climatic Factors (Temperatures and Precipitation): A Special Case for Two-needles Pines in EurasiaUsoltsev, V. A.; Shobairi, S. O. R.; Tsepordey, I. S.
2020Latitudinal pattern in community-wide herbivory does not match the pattern in herbivory averaged across common plant speciesZvereva, E. L.; Zverev, V.; Usoltsev, V. A.; Kozlov, M. V.
2020Prediction of allometric models of stand biomass of betula sp. In eurasiaUsoltsev, V. A.; Shobairi, S. O. R.; Ahrari, A.; Zhang, M.; Chasovskikh, V. P.
2020Are there differences in the reaction of the light-tolerant subgenus pinus spp. Biomass to climate change as compared to light-intolerant genus picea spp.?Usoltsev, V. A.; Shobairi, S. O. R.; Tsepordey, I. S.
2020Patterns for Populus spp. stand biomass in gradients of winter temperature and precipitation of EurasiaUsoltsev, V. A.; Chen, B.; Shobairi, S. O. R.; Tsepordey, I. S.; Chasovskikh, V. P.; Anees, S. A.
2015Sample tree biomass data for Eurasian forestsUsoltsev, V. A.
2013Forest biomass and primary production database for Eurasia. CD-versionUsoltsev, V. A.
2016Single-tree biomass data for remote sensing and ground measuring of Eurasian forestsUsoltsev, V. A.
2016Methods and results of studying the geographical trends in the structure of single-tree biomass of larches and two-needled pines in EurasiaUsoltsev, V. A.; Chasovskikh, V. P.; Noritsina, Y. V.; Kokh, E. V.
2019Fir (Abies spp.) stand biomass additive model for Eurasia sensitive to winter temperature and annual precipitationUsoltsev, V. A.; Merganicova, K.; Konopka, B.; Osmirko, A. A.; Tsepordey, I. S.; Chasovskikh, V. P.