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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Influence of climate warming on the state of woody plants of the family Oleaceae Hoff. et Link. in the collections of the Botanical Garden of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of SciencesSemkina, L. A.; Tishkina, E. A.
2020Many-Parameter Quaternion Fourier Transforms for Intelligent OFDM Telecommunication SystemLabunets, V. G.; Ostheimer, E. V.
2014Structural-functional principles of design in electric plasma technologiesAnakhov, S. V.; Pykin, Y. A.; Shakurov, S. A.
2019Sorption of calcium ions by modified montmorilloniteYurchenko, V. V.; Nikiforov, A. F.; Semenishchev, V. S.; Shabunin, A. F.; Sviridov, A. V.; Nikiforov, S. V.
2013To the knowledge of the leaf beetle genus Cystocnemis (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)Mikhailov, Yu. E.
2019The algorithm and software for timber batch measurement by using image analysisMehrentsev, A. V.; Kruglov, A. V.
2021Surface transportation engineering technology: prerequisite for accident-free traffic at signal-controlled intersectionsGorev, A. E.; Gasilova, O.; Sidorov, B. A.
2020Plastics: physical-and-mechanical properties and biodegradable potentialGlukhikh, V. V.; Buryndin, V. G.; Artyemov, A. V.; Savinovskih, A. V.; Krivonogov, P. S.; Krivonogova, A. S.
2018Dynamics of Branch and Stem Apical Growth in the Progenies of Plus Pine Trees (Pinus sylvestris L.).Shavnin, S. A.; Montile, A. A.; Montile, A. I.; Golikov, D. Y.
2016Особенности послепожарного восстановления древостоев пихты сибирской в условиях рудного АлтаяKalachev, A. A.; Zalesov, S. V.; Калачев, А. А.; Залесов, С. В.