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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Development of ideas within the framework of the genetic approach to the classification of forest typesFomin, V. V.; Mikhailovich, A. P.; Zalesov, S. V.; Popov, A. S.; Terekhov, G. G.
2021Экспериментальное и теоретическое исследование тепловых потерь в сушильных цилиндрахSivakov, V. P.; Vurasko, A. V.; Kutsubina, N. V.; Сиваков, В. П.; Вураско, А. В.; Куцубина, Н. В.
2020Method of increasing the fire resistance of woodGazizov, A. M.; Popova, E. V.; Kuznetsova, O. V.; Akhmadullin, A. A.
2021The introduction of an additive modeling method responsive to temperature and precipitation variables, and its applications to estimate the forest stand biomass of PICEA SPP. Of EurasiaShobairi, S. O. R.; Usoltsev, V. A.; Tsepordey, I. S.
2020Russian sawmill modernization (a case study). Part 1: optimizing processes of low-grade timber debarking and wood chippingKunickaya, O. A.; Burmistrova, O. N.; Hertz, E. N.; Ivanov, V. A.; Nazarova, I. G.; Baranova, T.; Egipko, S.; Tomashevskaya E.; Tatarinova, Z. G.; Krivoshapkina O.
2021Seasonal changes in chlorophyll and carotenoid content in needles of scots pines (pinus sylvestris l.) Exposed to the thermal field of a gas flareShavnin, S. A.; Yusupov, I. A.; Marina, N. V.; Montile, A. A.; Golikov, D. Y.
2021Surface transportation engineering technology: prerequisite for accident-free traffic at signal-controlled intersectionsGorev, A. E.; Gasilova, O.; Sidorov, B. A.
2021Tribological properties of composite bronzes reinforced with dendrites from maraging and stainless steelsPotekhin, B. A.; Khristolyubov, A. S.; Zhilyakov, A. Y.
2021Influence of soil moisture regime on the species diversity and biomass of the herb layer of pine forests in the Ural MountainsIvanova, N. S.; Zolotova, E. S.; Li, G.
2021Dynamic theory of the effect of a strong magnetic field on the martensitic transformation in steels with austenite grain sizes close to a critical valueKashchenko, M. P.; Kashchenko, N. M.; Chashchina, V. G.