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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Acid-Base Properties of Nanoconfined Volumes of Anodic Aluminum Oxide Pores by EPR of pH-Sensitive Spin ProbesKovaleva, E. G.; Molochnikov, L. S.; Venkatesan, U.; Marek, A.; Stepanova, D. P.; Kozhikhova, K. V.; Mironov, M. A.; Smirnov, A. I.
2003The activity of element dioxides in liquid-phase oxidation of 2,3,5-trimethyl-1,4-hydroquinoneShishmakov, A. B.; Kharchuk, V. G.; Kuznetsova, O. V.; Mikushina, Yu. V.; Koryakova, O. V.; Kovaleva, E. G.; Petrov, L. A.; Molochnikov, L. S.; Chupakhin, O. N.
2016Characterization of chitin and its complexes extracted from natural raw sourcesKovaleva, E.; Pestov, A.; Stepanova, D.; Molochnikov, L. S.
2003Coordination of Cu(II) and Ni(II) in polymers imprinted so as to optimize amine chelate formationMolochnikov, L. S.; Kovaleva, E. G.; Zagorodni, A. A.; Muhammed, M; Sultanov, Y. M.; Efendiev, A. A.
2005Coordination of V 4+ in vanadium titanium oxide xerogelsMolochnikov, L. S.; Zakharova, G. S.; Mel'gunova, E. V.; Volkov, V. L.
2009Copper(II) complexes based on N-(2-carboxyethyl)alkanolaminesMolochnikov, L. S.; Pestov, A. V.; Slepukhin, P. A.; Yaltuk, Yu. G.
1996Determination of acid-base properties of ion exchangers by spin probe techniqueMolochnikov, L. S.; Kovaleva, E. G.; Lipunov, I. N.; Grigorev, I. A.
2019Dimerization and low-dimensional magnetism in nanocrystalline TiO2 semiconductors doped by Fe and CoYermakov, A. Ye.; Boukhvalov, D. W.; Uimin, M. A.; Mesilov, V. V.; Minin, A. S.; Galakhov, V. R.; Korolyov, A. V.; Volegov, A. S.; Rosenfeld, E. V.; Gubkin, A. F.; Molochnikov, L. S.
2013Dynamics of pH-sensitive nitroxide radicals in water adsorbed in ordered mesoporous molecular sieves by EPR SpectroscopyKovaleva, E. G.; Molochnikov, L. S.; Golovkina, E. L.; Hartmann, M.; Kirilyuk, A. I.; Grigorev, A. I.
2014Effect of the surface charge on the complexing and catalytic properties of Cu2+-containing composite materials based on zirconia and powdered celluloseKovaleva, E. G.; Molochnikov, L. S.; Parshina, E. V.; Shishmakov, A. B.; Mikushina, Yu. V.; Kirilyuk, I. A.; Grigorev, I. A.
2015Electrical potential near hydrated surface of ordered mesoporous molecular sieves assessed by EPR of molecular pH-probesKovaleva, E. G.; Molochnikov, L. S.; Golovkina, E. L.; Hartmann, M.; Kirilyuk, I. A.; Grigoriev, I. A.
2006Electrochemical properties and state of paramagnetic centers in copper-modified complex vanadium and titanium oxidesZakharova, G. S.; Buldakova, L. Yu.; Volkov, V. L.; Molochnikov, L. S.; Kovaleva, E. G.
2020Electrostatic properties of inner nanopore surfaces of anodic aluminum oxide membranes upon high temperature annealing revealed by EPR of pH-sensitive spin probes and labelsKovaleva, E. G.; Molochnikov, L. S.; Tambasova, D.; Marek, A.; Chestnut. M.; Osipova, V. A.; Antonov, D. O.; Kirilyuk, I. A.; Smirnov, A. I.
2015Electrosurface Properties of Nanostructured Silica Assessed by EPR of Molecular pH LabelsKovaleva, E. G.; Molochnikov, L. S.; Osipova, V. A.; Stepanova, D. P.; Reznikov, V. A.
2010EPR study of copper(II) complexes in the matrix of titania gel modified with powder celluloseShishmakov, A. B.; Kovaleva, E. G.; Mikushina, Yu. V.; Parshina, E. V.; Molochnikov, L. S.; Petrov, L. A.
2019Formation of Fe-Fe Antiferromagnetic Dimers in Doped TiO 2 :Fe NanoparticlesYermakov, A. Y.; Gubkin, A. F.; Korolev, A. V.; Molochnikov, L. S.; Uimin, M. A.; Rosenfeld, E. V.; Kurkin, M. I.; Minin, A. S.; Volegov, A. S.; Boukhvalov, D. W.; Konev, S. F.
2017Interfacial Electrostatic Properties of Hydrated Mesoporous and Nanostructured Alumina Powders by Spin Labeling EPRKovaleva, E. G.; Molochnikov, L. S.; Stepanova, D. P.; Pestov, A. V.; Trofimov, D. G.; Kirilyuk, I. A.; Smirnov, A. I.
2011Investigation of the structure of chitosan hybrid systems by pH-sensitive nitroxyl radicalMekhaev, A. V.; Pestov, A. V.; Molochnikov, L. S.; Kovaleva, E. G.; Yatluk, Yu. G.; Grigorev, I. A.; Kirilyuk, I. A.
2019Magnetic properties and structure of TiO2-Mn (0.73 %) nanopowders: The effects of electron irradiation and vacuum annealingUymin, M. A.; Minin, A. S.; Yermakov, A. Y.; Korolyov, A. V.; Balezin, M. Y.; Sokovnin, S. Y.; Konev, A. S.; Konev, S. F.; Molochnikov, L. S.; Gaviko, V. S.; Demin, A. M.
2020Magnetic Properties, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, and Photoelectron Spectroscopy Studies of Nanocrystalline TiO2 Co-Doped with Al and FeYermakov, A. Y.; Galakhov, V. R.; Minin, A. S.; Mesilov, V. V.; Uimin, M. A.; Kuepper, K.; Bartkowski, S.; Molochnikov, L. S.; Konev, A. S.; Gaviko, V. S.; Zakharova, G. S.