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В коллекции размещены научные публикации ученых УГЛТУ, отраженные в международных индексах цитирования SCOPUS и WoS CC. А так же публикации в российских переводных журналах. Полный доступ к текстам с компьютеров в сети вуза.

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Submit DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Nov-2020The density of robotization of agriculture in Russia and its regionsNabokov, V. I.; Semin, A. N.; Pryadilina, N. K.; Skvortsov, E. A.; Gusev, A. S.; Nekrasov, K. V.
3-Nov-2020Motivation and self-regulation research: Historical background, methodological considerations, and future prospectsRensh, M. A.; Leontev, M. G.; Chernyshev, V. P.; Mezentseva, L. V.; Kovalevskaia, N. V.
3-Nov-2020Allometric models to predicate single-tree biomass in the eurasian larix spp. forestUsoltsev, V. A.; Shobari, S. O. R.; Tsepordey, I. S.; Zukow, W.
3-Nov-2020Investigation into the Influence of Sodium Lignosulfonate, Anionic Surfactants, and Their Mixtures on the Copper Cementation Rate by ZincKolmachikhina, E. B.; Sviridov, A. V.; Naumov, K. D.
3-Nov-2020Improvement of fire retardant properties of wood materialsGazizov, A. M.; Kuznetsova, O. V.; Sharafutdinov, A. A.; Shaimuhametova, K. M.
3-Nov-2020Friction coefficient research at refining of fibrous semi-finished productsVikharev, S. N.
5-Oct-2020Эффективность лесной рекультивации нарушенных земель в зоне влияния медеплавильного производстваBachurina, A. V.; Zalesov, S. V.; Tolkach, O. V.; Бачурина, A. В.; Залесов, С. В.; Толкач, О. В.
5-Oct-2020Patterns for Populus spp. stand biomass in gradients of winter temperature and precipitation of EurasiaUsoltsev, V. A.; Chen, B.; Shobairi, S. O. R.; Tsepordey, I. S.; Chasovskikh, V. P.; Anees, S. A.
5-Oct-2020Are there differences in the reaction of the light-tolerant subgenus pinus spp. Biomass to climate change as compared to light-intolerant genus picea spp.?Usoltsev, V. A.; Shobairi, S. O. R.; Tsepordey, I. S.
5-Oct-2020Feedback Modelling of Natural Stand and Plantation Biomass to Changes in Climatic Factors (Temperatures and Precipitation): A Special Case for Two-needles Pines in EurasiaUsoltsev, V. A.; Shobairi, S. O. R.; Tsepordey, I. S.
5-Oct-2020Роль электронной составляющей тока в образовании квазимолекулярного состояния, ведущего к синтезу элементовKashchenko, M. P.; Kashchenko, N. M.; Кащенко, М. П.; Кащенко, Н. М.
7-Sep-2020The degenerate structure of transformation twins and the monocrystallinity of part of the thin-plate martensite initiated by a strong magnetic fieldKashchenko, M. P.; Kashchenko, N. M.; Chashchina, V. G.
7-Sep-2020Influence of plasma torch design on cutting quality during precision air-plasma cutting of metalAnakhov, S. V.; Guzanov, B. N.; Matushkin, A. V.; Pugacheva, N. B.; Pykin, Y. A.
4-Aug-2020Favourites from the Russian experience in assessing forest plots and resourcesMezenina, O. B.; Grigoryeva, A. V.
4-Aug-2020Efficiency improvement of forest machinery exploitationGrigorev, I. V.; Kunickaya, O. A.; Prosuzhi, A.; Kruchinin, I. N.; Shakirzyanov, D.; Shvetsova, V. V.; Markov, O. B.; Egipko, S.
4-Aug-2020Edge Effect: Growth and Morphogenetic Features of Scots Pine Trees in Forest Parks and Natural StandsShavnin, S. A.; Golikov, D. Y.; Montile, A. A.; Montile, A. I.
4-Aug-2020Problems and prospects of digitalization and informatization of forest education in RussiaLobovikov, M.; Pryadilina, N. K.
22-Jul-2020Using Machine Vision to Improve the Efficiency of Lumber MillsKunickaya, O. A.; Burmistrova, O. N.; Hertz, E. F.; Ivanov, V. A.; Nazarova, I. G.; Tanyukevich, V. V.; Semenyutina, A. V.; Sidorov, M. M.; Fedorova, P.; Ohlopkova, M.
22-Jul-2020Improving the physical and mechanical properties of fortified soil for road construction in the forest zoneChudinov, S. A.
22-Jul-2020Research of stability of rotor of the knife grinding refinersVikharev, S. N.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 470