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В коллекции размещены научные публикации ученых УГЛТУ, отраженные в международных индексах цитирования SCOPUS и WoS CC. А так же публикации в российских переводных журналах. Полный доступ к текстам с компьютеров в сети вуза.

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4-Feb-2021Silvicultural Efficiency of the Thinning Efficiency of Pinus sylvestris L. Plantation in the Dry Subzone of Northern Kazakhstan SteppesZalesov, S. V.; Dancheva, A. V.; Ayan, S.; Suyundikov, Z. O.; Rachimzhanov, A. N.; Razhanov, M. R.; Opletaev, A. S.
4-Feb-2021Mg(II) and Zn(II) сomplexonates with a 1,3-diamino-2-propanol phosphorus-containing derivative as corrosion and scaling inhibitorsTsirulnikova, N. V.; Driker, B. N.; Fetisova, T. S.; Protazanov, A. A.; Kuznetsov, Yu. I.
12-Jan-2021The Mathematical Model of Forestry Machines Impact on Cryolitozone Forest SoilsRudov, S. E.; Kunickaya, O. A.; Burgonutdinov, A. M.; Kruchinin, I. N.; Prosuzhih, A.; Dolmatov, N.; Dmitrieva, N.; Grigorev, I. V.
12-Jan-2021The concept of quasineutrons and the synthesis of zinc from the extraction of a part of the material of copper electrodes during electric current discharges in an aqueous solution of NaClKashchenko, М. P.; Balakirev, V. F.; Kashchenko, N. M.; Smirnov, М. B.; Chepelev, Y. L.; Ilyushin, V. V.; Nikolaeva, N. V.; Pushin, V. G.; Кащенко, М. П.; Балакирев, В. Ф.; Кащенко, Н. М.; Смирнов, М. Б.; Чепелев, Ю. Л.; Илюшин, В. В.; Николаева, Н. В.; Пушин В. Г.
12-Jan-2021Methods for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Gas Vortex Stabilization in Plasma Torches for Metal CuttingMatushkina, I. Y.; Anakhov, S. V.; Pyckin, Y. A.
12-Jan-2021Russian sawmill modernization (a case study). Part 1: optimizing processes of low-grade timber debarking and wood chippingKunickaya, O. A.; Burmistrova, O. N.; Hertz, E. N.; Ivanov, V. A.; Nazarova, I. G.; Baranova, T.; Egipko, S.; Tomashevskaya E.; Tatarinova, Z. G.; Krivoshapkina O.
12-Jan-2021Unexpected finding of rare and little known leaf beetle chrysolina levi (Coleoptera, chrysomelidae) in West SiberiaMikhailov, Y. E.
12-Jan-2021Current issues of the regional forestry planning on the example of the Sverdlovsk region (Russian Federation)Theriou, N.; Pryadilina, N. K.; Zinovyeva, I. S.
12-Jan-2021Identification of overtraining and a system for restoring Athletes' performance in hockey practiceMulin, A. A.; Vazirov, R. A.; Luganskii, N. V.
12-Jan-2021Method of increasing the fire resistance of woodGazizov, A. M.; Popova, E. V.; Kuznetsova, O. V.; Akhmadullin, A. A.
12-Jan-2021Genetic forest typology as a scientific and methodological basis for environmental studies and forest managementFomin, V. V.; Ivanova, N. S.; Mikhailovich, A. P.
8-Dec-2020Globalization of the forest sector: Causes and consequencesNatalia P. K.; Lobovikov M.
8-Dec-2020Expansion of Juniperus sibirica Burgsd. as a response to climate change and associated effect on mountain tundra vegetation in the Northern UralsGrigoriev, A. A.; Shalaumova, Y. V.; Erokhina, O. V.; Sokovnina, S. Y.; Vatolina, E. I.; Wilmking, M.
8-Dec-2020What is a possible response of forest biomass to changes in Eurasian air temperature and precipitation? A special case for the genus Betula sppUsoltsev, V. A.; Kovyazin V.; Tsepordey, I. S; Chasovskikh, V. P.
8-Dec-2020Mathematical model of transport network planning on the territory of the forest fundKovalev, R. N.; Enaleeva-Bandura, I. M.; Vasilijev, V. I.
8-Dec-2020Economic priorities of the strategic planning of forest sector in the Russian FederationLobovikov, M.; Pryadilina, N. K
8-Dec-2020Effect of thermally treated woodGazizov, A. M.; Popova, E. I.; Ozden, I.; Zairov, A.
8-Dec-2020The condition of green spaces in the central part of the city of YekaterinburgSrodnykh, T. B.; Vishnyakova, S. V.; Luganskaya, S. N.
8-Dec-2020Prognosis of yard area landscaping condition due to reconstruction by the example of Krasnoufimsk cityAtkina, L. I.; Bulatova L. V.
8-Dec-2020Гиперкомплексные модели многоканальных изображенийLabunets, V. G.; Лабунец, В. Г.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 494