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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Conditions for the generation of crystons and the interpretation of the σ-ε curve for Ni3Fe single crystalsKashchenko, M. P.; Teplyakova, L. A.; Dzhemilev, K. N.; Chashchina, V. G.
2014Strain Tensor Associated with the Driving Wave Process of Deformation of the {110}C Cubic Crystal Planes During Martensitic TransformationKashchenko, M. P.; Chashchina, V. G.
2009Crystallodynamic model for selecting the orientation of twin structure boundaries during formation of a martensitic crystalKashchenko, M. P.; Chashchina, V. G.; Vikharev, S. V.
2017On the extreme variants of nuclear fusion realizationKashchenko, M. P.; Balakirev, V. F.
2015Inheritance of the Elastic Field of a Dislocation Center for Martensite Nucleation by a Driving Wave ProcessKashchenko, M. P.; Latypov, I. F.; Chashchina, V. G.
2010Dynamic model of the formation of twinned martensite crystals: II. Pretransition states and relationships between the volumes of the twin componentsKashchenko, M. P.; Chashchina, V. G.; Vikharev, S. V.
2015Dynamic theory of morphological characteristics of crystals of ε and γ phases, including Headley–Brooks orientation relationships upon the α–ε and α–ε–γ martensitic transformationsKashchenko, M. P.; Chashchina, V. G.
2003Cryston model of formation of α strain induced martensiteKashchenko, M. P.; Semenovih, A. G.; Chashchina, V. G.
2017Crystal Dynamics of Forming ε-Martensite with Habit Planes {443}α in TitaniumKashchenko, M. P.; Chashchina, V. G.
1998Nucleation of α martensite crystals with (hhl) habits in elastic fields of dislocation loopsKashchenko, M. P.; Nefedov, A. V.; Vereshchagin, V. P.; Letuchev, V. V.