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Title: Nucleation of α martensite crystals with (hhl) habits in elastic fields of dislocation loops
Authors: Kashchenko, M. P.
Nefedov, A. V.
Vereshchagin, V. P.
Letuchev, V. V.
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Pleiades Publishing
Citation: Kashchenko, M. P. Nucleation of α martensite crystals with (hhl) habits in elastic fields of dislocation loops / M. P. Kashchenko, A. V. Nefedov, V. P. Vereshchagin [et al.] // Physics of Metals and Metallography. – 1998. – Vol. 85. – Iss. 4. – P. 392-402.
Abstract: An analysis was undertaken of the elastic field of dislocation loops in the form of parallelograms (or rectangles) in which the basic element is a pair of [110] line segments in the original fee phase. It was found that in this field wider possibilities exist for invariant-plane deformations to take place than in the elastic field of an individual dislocation, since the latter varies significantly with changes not only in the polar angle θ but also in the spatial coordinates. The likely causes of the change in the habits of a martensite from (557) to (225) are discussed within the concept of the heterogeneous nucleation and wave growth of martensite (near a dislocation loop). The nucleation of crystals with (225) habits is associated with an elastic field region having a local maximum in the relative change of volume.
Keywords: CRYSTALS
SCOPUS: 2-s2.0-0032045003
RSCI: 13304509
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