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Title: Laser photolysis study of 1-aryl-3-methyl-5-(benzothiazole-2-yl) formazan phototransformation
Authors: Atabekyan, L. S.
Barachevskii, V. A.
Melkozerov, S. A.
Lipunova, G. N.
Perova, I. G.
Lipunov, I. N.
Sigeikin, G. I.
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Pleiades Publishing
Citation: Atabekyan, L. S. Laser photolysis study of 1-aryl-3-methyl-5-(benzothiazole-2-yl) formazan phototransformation / L. S. Atabekyan, V. A. Barachevskii, S. A. Melkozerov [et al.] // High Energy Chemistry. – 2011. – Vol. 45. – Iss. 1. – P. 52-56.
Abstract: Photochromism of 1-aryl-3-methyl-5-(benzothiazole-2-yl)formazans in toluene has been investigated by the laser flash photolysis method. It was established that the photochromic transformations involve the triplet state of the initial chelate form of formazans. The intermediate short-lived products of phototransformation were detected that could be related to one of the conformers or to the tautomers of the formazan molecule. © Pleiades Publishing, Inc., 2011.
DOI: 10.1134/S0018143911010036
SCOPUS: 2-s2.0-79551528835
WoS: WOS:000286208800009
RSCI: 16731741
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